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About Us

Service Process

  1. Enterprise provides necessary information on fields, needs, services or goods he wants to export to market of VIETNAM/ CANADA;
  2. Basing on the said information and competence of the enterprise, VCCCI will introduce the Enterprise to suitable consumption system or partner;
  3. After expected partner give good comments on the sent information, VCCCI will actively recommend so that two enterprises have direct working sessions to negotiate cooperation conditions;
  4. After reaching agreement, in case of Enterprise’s demand for support related to legislation, contract, export and import procedure like customs clearance, storage renting…VCCCI has available personnel to help;
  5. During period of membership, the enterprise will be continuously supported by VCCCI to search new partners in their interested potential market.
  6. In addition, when any member enterprise wants to look for supply sources, VCCCI will actively contact enterprise having respective products in CANADA/ VIETNAM to facilitate the Enterprise’s goods introduction and sale.